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“It did appear paradoxical to us, which is why we wanted to shed some light on it,” says Malthe Overgaard, a former researcher at Aarhus Business School. In 2020, Overgaard co-authored a paper with fellow researcher Nikolas Rønholt which surveyed members of Gen Z to find out why they consumed fast fashion while professing to care about sustainability and the setting. Dr Ville Lahtinen with NACRO Vice President Terry ONeill on the Cannon Hill pop-up shop.Social Marketing @ Griffith will expand the O-it marketing campaign by opening an internet store promoting prime quality, preloved vintage brands Women Fahion for lower than $20. Some of those returned items are bought in bulk for resale to low-cost outlets, some are shipped overseas and sold by the pound, however much is simply thrown away. A massive portion of that is clothes which clogs up the already overflowing landfills with surplus footwear, buttons, zippers, …